What to consider when looking at photobooths

  1. How long?
    You’ll wan’t to make sure your booth is around long enough for all your guests to get stuck in. We offer options from 2 hours – 4 hours in our most popular packages but we can put together a bespoke package for more than 4 hours.
  2. Size
    We believe when it comes to photobooths that size really DOES matter. A bigger booth provides more scope for those crazy group shots. Who wants to be crammed into a tiny booth?
  3. Will the booth be attended?
    Our booth always includes a fully trained booth butler to keep things running smoothly. From helping with crazy prop choices to making sure nothing goes wrong we believe having someone around to keep a close eye on things is essential. Keep in mind that some companies may deliver and set up the booth and then leave.
  4. Prints
    Theres something special about having a printed photograph appear seconds after it was taken. All of our packages include completely unlimited prints. Make sure you check how many prints are included if any. Some cheaper booths may be “digital only”
  5. Reviews?
    Don’t end up with a photobooth that let’s your event down. Make sure you check reviews and ask questions before booking.
  6. Quality is key!
    Quality really is important when it comes to a great photobooth. Good quality backgrounds, props and professional prints make all the difference.
  7. Image size and quality
    Don’t settle for poor image quality taken on webcams. We use Canon DSLR’s with professional studio lighting to proved the best quality images we can.
  8. Customisation
    We love providing something unique for your event. If you have any ideas or themes in mind then get in touch. From custom backdrops, personalised prints and themed props there’s so many options to make the experience unique.


If you have any questions about Snap Flash Booths then get in touch, we are more than happy to answer any questions you have!